Get the Team Approach Without Paying Team Commissions While Maintaining YOUR Brand AND Get a Sponsor that Thrives on Growing Your Business the RIGHT Way!

Learn why I left my prior brokerage after 7+ years to partner up with eXp Realty!

I truly believe in the power of helping others and that’s why I chose eXp Realty, a company focused on assisting agents and brokers succeed professionally and grow financially without the feeling of "working for someone" or hammering away on the "transaction treadmill".  Prior to jumping into real estate, I was a licensed occupational therapist specializing on rehabilitating patients that had suffered a stroke or a traumatic brain injury.   Helping, teaching, and leading are in my blood so I'm excited to do the same for you and your business! This is why I want to create a team with all the typical team features without having the financial burden on agents.

CAUTION: with eXp, there are a LOT of recruiters that just want you to join with them.  To me, that's a huge disgrace to our company and what it offers.  I'm a sponsor.  I take personal responsibility in your success, onboarding, and helping you in any possible way. And that's not just the first few weeks after you that's what a recruiter does. I'm going to be there as long as you need.  Use our systems, tools, onboarding, and knowledge to make your transition smooth for you...your team...or your entire brokerage and continued support throughout your time at eXp Realty.

On the #DarkSideTribe, we are committed to helping one another, we grow together, and we celebrate each other’s successes while working as a team on failures. We are constantly learning, sharing knowledge, improving our businesses, collaborating, and setting bigger goals with bigger thinkers. We encourage all types of agents from just getting licensed to established Mega Agents, everyone is welcome! We have numerous broker owners with 20+ agent teams, large teams, small teams, husband/wife teams, Mega Agents, individual agents, and also brand new agents working with us to help our collaborative team be the best possible. Our brokerage is worldwide, we have agents in all the states in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and 20+ other countries (and growing), so you can join us from absolutely anywhere in the world!  This is the power behind a virtual brokerage and being a 100% #borderlessbrokerage.  Over the years, eXp Realty has enhanced so many lives and we can help you enhance yours. Join us to finally have an exit plan from your real estate career and grow your business!  We would love to be your business partner.

David Nelson

Realtor - Author - Star Wars Nerd

 Servant Heart with a Business Mind

 Systems, technology, lead generation, adding time to schedules, teams, and having fun are my superpowers

You Receive These Exclusive Features Just By Having David Nelson as Your Beloved Sponsor and Peer!
Be on a "team" without paying team commissions while still keeping your own brand.

Our goal is to partner with you, your team, and anyone you bring to eXp over the years while growing our businesses, expanding our knowledge, and being a cohesive tribe to the betterment of all.  I am a firm believer in collaboration and engagement will improve any agent's success in our industry.


You get passed online leads to grow your future business.  ** NEVER join a company just for leads.  Online leads typically are horrible and I teach how to grow your business via referrals.

 Use of Chime CRM

You get access to the Cadillac of CRMs that you can personalize to you. * This is only if you join our Imperial Home Team. If you opt to join eXp through David, you'll get access to KVCore.

 Vendor List to Use

HUGE benefit to gain access to over 70 vendors that make you look amazing to your clients plus you can add your vendors to the list.

 Agent Swag Store

Show off your Realtor status! I can easily add your logo if you want especially for teams as I have designed all of the items on the site.

 Onboarding Systems

Moving to a new company may be stressful so we have an easy-to-follow system that helps you maximize your onboarding and reduce headaches.

 Customizable Seminars

We have numerous seminars you can customize and host either online or live. Excellent way to add leads to your pipeline and brand awareness.

 The Locker Room Coaching

National coaching program that offers hundreds of online courses and resources to catapult your business to the next level.  See more below.

 TRACK+ (12-Week Course)

Online course with weekly live coaching that enhances your business while setting you up for success the right way.

 Access to Hundreds of Resources to Personalize

You gain access to our Google Drive that is filled with incredible items that you can download, personalize, and use. Don't reinvent the wheel!

 Access to Proprietary Systems

We have programs and systems we created that you can edit, use, and market. Don't reinvent the wheel.

 Client Appreciation Events

You and ALL of your clients are invited to our annual events. Your clients will love you for these and can't wait to send you tons of referrals.

 Monthly Client Raffles 

Every month we have a raffle that your clients can sign up for. Stay in touch with your clients monthly with something of value (gift cards, coolers, etc).

 Monthly Agent Competitions

We host monthly competitions to increase your activities while making it a fun challenge. Winner gets cash!!

 Tribe Gatherings

Don't go alone! We have happy hours and other events in person to collaborate, talk about the current market, tips, tricks, speakers, and offer valuable insights.

 Weekly Trainings

Knowledge is power thus why we have Tribe trainings weekly plus group coaching with The Locker Room's professional coaches.

 Full Toolbox for Team Leaders/Brokers to Personalize and Recruit

Why start or run a team alone. Utilize the knowledge and tools to help you grow your team.

Plus you receive these amazing eXp benefits

- Agent Centric Model
(Not making franchisee rich)
- Revenue Sharing
(tangible retirement)
- Equity Ownership Awards
(ticker symbol EXPI)
- Lead generation platform & CRM
- Commission Split 80%-100%
(capped at $16,000)
- Facebook Workplace
(Easily communicate with 84,000+ agents)
- Relocation Certification
(Partner with top relo companies)
- REO Certification
(Be prepared for a changing market)

- ExpressOffers Certification
(Present cash offers to your sellers)
- Real time cloud support
(eXp World Campus)
- Fastest growing brokerage
(Adding 400+ agents per week)
- International Reach
(20+ countries and growing)
- On demand live & recorded training
(eXp World Campus)
- Healthcare Coverage
(Reasonably price plans for entire families)
- SkySlope
(Transaction management & compliance)
- Affinity Program
(Released Fall 2022 - game changer)

** REMEMBER: Everything I exclusively offer you as your sponsor, you can offer it to all of the agents that you personally sponsor with eXp. I live life by offering value as well as help to others in growing their business.  Sharing is caring.  **

Please reach out and let's connect.

All communication is confidential, private, and respected.

The Locker Room Coaching

Every agent, team, and broker that join The Dark Side Tribe will receive FREE access to The Locker Room,  their entire dashboard, and weekly group coaching performed by national coaches.  This offer is exclusively with The Dark Side Tribe and can be used in any State of the Union. As you can see by the image, this company is geared to improve productivity and the lives of the agents.  If you are a team leader, this is one amazing tool to offer to your team and all future agents....for free.  The bulleted list is just a sample of courses, resources, and download topics that you'll have access to.

Click HERE to download a detailed brochure on The Locker Room.

  • Financial IQ for Agents
  • ​Goal Setting
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​Marketing and Branding
  • ​Open Houses
  • ​Scripts
  • ​Time Management
  • Working with Buyers
  • ​Working with Sellers
  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • ​FSBO Resources
  • ​Geographic Farming
  • ​Creating a Preferred Vendor List
  • ​Growing Your Database

Sponsored Agent Testimonials

Andy Hentges
Team Leader 
Hentges Home Team 
eXp Realty

" I met Dave through social media in the spring of 2021. At the time I was an agent at another brokerage and didn't have plans to change. Dave wasn't trying to "recruit" me, but instead building a relationship and offering another option in real estate. I didn't tell Dave at the time, but if I ever left my current broker I was going to join with Dave. Fast forward to fall of 2021 and I called Dave ready to make the move. Dave connected me with another eXp realtor and my wife and I joined eXp Realty. Dave has an onboarding system in place that you can use along with eXp's onboarding. Dave also gives you 100% access to ALL of his systems- which is A LOT! All of the support, systems, and guidance made my transition very seamless to eXp. "

Ruthie Gilbertson
eXp Realty
20+ Years in Real Estate

"I have worked with David for over a decade, on various deals. When I 1st met David he was with a different Broker than I was and it wasn't until years later we just happened to end up at the same brokerage. When I arrived at that brokerage, David was the go to guy for SO many agents. Not because he was getting any sort of compensation (literally...not a dime), but simply because he was a wealth of knowledge, innovation, all things techy and has an infectiously fun, happy outlook. But aside from all of that, he was and is just genuinely excited to help out fellow agents and see them succeed. His work ethic, and ethics in general are unmatched and a rarity in this cut throat, competitive market. He truly thrives on seeing others succeed, and is always available to answer questions, coach, support and encourage his sphere. I switched to exp because of David Nelson. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I would have, had he been more pushy....but that's just not his style. He is genuine, trustworthy, and loyal as they come. He has more integrity as a single team leader, and agent, than I have seen in entire brokerages combined. I am so grateful for his leadership and support. I knew when I switched to exp that I was making the right decision, and I have not looked back since. eXp is the 1st out of 4 brokerages, in my 20+ year career, that I truly feel like I am the boss of my own company. Not only that, but I have a network of agents across the globe. I cannot say enough good things about exp and about David. Not once have I regretted making the move, and am so Thankful for David and his leadership.

You Can't Unsee This....

Watch the video that flipped my opinion on eXp Realty and solidified my decision to leave my previous brokerage of 7+ years. Once you watch this video, you'll be absolutely stunned. If you are curious about this video.  If you are recruiting against this video. New to the this video. Tired of the transaction this video. Want to get REAL this video.

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