I truly believe in the power of helping others and that’s why I chose eXp Realty, a company focused on assisting agents and brokers succeed professionally and grow financially without the feeling of "working for someone" or hammering away on the "transaction treadmill".  Prior to jumping into real estate, I was a licensed occupational therapist specializing on rehabilitating patients that had suffered a stroke or a traumatic brain injury.  Seeing a person at their lowest point and knowing that I can assist them into a better life was and still is a passion of mine.  Helping, teaching, and leading are in my blood so I'm excited to do the same for you and your business! 

On the #DarkSideTribe, we are committed to helping one another, we grow together, and we celebrate each other’s successes while working as a team on failures. We are constantly learning, sharing knowledge, improving our businesses, collaborating, and setting bigger goals with bigger thinkers. We encourage all types of agents from just getting licensed to established Mega Agents, everyone is welcome! We have numerous broker owners with 20+ agent teams, large teams, small teams, husband/wife teams, Mega Agents, individual agents, and also brand new agents working with us to help our collaborative team be the best possible. Our brokerage is worldwide, we have agents in all the states in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and 18+ other countries (and growing), so you can join us from absolutely anywhere in the world!  This is the power behind a virtual brokerage and being a 100% #borderlessbrokerage.  Over the years, eXp Realty has enhanced so many lives and we can help you enhance yours. Join us to finally have an exit plan from your real estate career and grow your business!  We would love to be your business partner.

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David Nelson

Realtor - Author - Star Wars Nerd

Team Leader of the Imperial Home Team

Creator of Real Estate Agent Help Desk

 Systems, technology, lead generation, adding time to schedules, and having fun are my specialties

You Can't Unsee This....

Watch the video that flipped my opinion on eXp Realty and solidified my decision to leave my previous brokerage of 7+ years. Once you watch this video, you'll be absolutely stunned. If you are curious about eXp...watch this video.  If you are recruiting against eXp...watch this video. New to the industry...watch this video. Tired of the transaction treadmill...watch this video. Want to get REAL information...watch this video.

If you aren't already subscribed, please subscribe to my YouTube by clicking below. It is for the betterment of our industry. Let's Make Real Estate Fun Again!!

Why Partner with the #DarkSideTribe at eXp Realty?

Our goal is to partner with you, your team, and anyone you bring to eXp over the years while growing our businesses, expanding our knowledge, and being a cohesive tribe to the betterment of all.


You will also gain access to these private weekly trainings ON TOP of the 70+ hours through the eXp University!!

Tuesdays: Build Your Real Estate Business with Lars Hedenborg and Noelle Nielsen
Tuesdays: Weekly Dark Side Tribe training on purposeful and valuable topics.
Thursdays: Agent Attraction with AJ Mida and John Mikesh
Thursdays: Cliff's Notes with Cliff Freeman
Fridays: Top Agent Attractor Interviews with AJ Mida
Workman Success Systems - you get access to this powerful system for enhancing you business.
Sales Funnels - David Nelson offers classes and 1-1 training to those that want to use sales funnels

* Lifetime access as long as you are an eXp agent*


Utilize our scripts that convert FSBO, buyers, sellers, expired listing leads as well as prospecting tips. Role playing calls are always welcomed and encouraged for honing your skills.


Use our proven digital presentations that you may fully personalize to whatever you want. Don’t reinvent the wheel but start off with a head start over other agents.  


Since we are going to be business partners, you get unlimited access to David Nelson (via cell phone and email). David specializes in systems, lead generation, running a team, adding hours to your day, and technology.


We have created an easy-to-follow, robust online onboarding system to help our agents transition to eXp smoothly and with minimal stress.  This includes videos, links, downloads, and tutorials on how to use everything from SkySlope to ordering signs.  It has been created to fit for any State of the Union.


Lifetime access to our online Geographic Farming course with how-to videos and customizable resources for you to download to use. Dominate your area with geographic farming and our systems.


Take your business to the next level by seeing the systems, tools, and programs we use to enhance the lives of agents. Don't reinvent the wheel...just R&D it...Ripoff and Duplicate. I will pull back the curtain on team to show you what we do. Plus, you'll (and your team) will get training on this.

 Join our Imperial Home Team

If you are looking to join a team, we are always looking to add quality agents. Team agents only have to pay $8,000 cap to eXp instead of the full.  You get your own CRM/website, quality leads, 1-1 mentorship, and tons of other features!

If you are interested in possibly joining our Imperial Home Team or just want to see more, click HERE.

Additional Benefits When You Partner With Us:

Unlimited access to Noelle Nielsen, AJ Mida, and Cliff Freeman (via cell phone) for anything. These are amazing business partners to have at your fingertips.

 Lifetime Access to Agent Attraction Academy - This is the blueprint of how AJ Mida built one of the largest revenue share organizations in the eXp company.

 Weekly Interviews with Top Agents you will learn EXACTLY what the biggest players are doing to sell more houses as well as creating residual income.

 ​Lifetime Membership to the private ChangeAgentClub Facebook group.

 Unlimited Access to the private Game Changers Nation Facebook group.

 Access to Invitation Only Masterminds and special training events throughout North America including Cabo with goal of being worldwide.

 Level up with an elite group of top agents and go getters. Surround yourself with those that truly want you to succeed at any level. Remember...you aren't alone on our team!

** REMEMBER: Everything I exclusively offer you as your sponsor, you can offer it to all of the agents that you personally sponsor with eXp. Then those agents can use those same tools to attract agents. I live life by offering value as well as help to others in growing their business.  Sharing is caring.  **

Please reach out and let's connect.

All communication is confidential, private, and respected.

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